Deli & salumeria


Selection of olives

Kalamata, Greece

Brown red colour

Bella Nocelare, Puglia, Italy

Small green and sweet

Arbequina, Priorat, Spain

Small brown and delicate

Gordal , spain

Big green and full bodied flavor

Tagliasca, Liguria, Italy

Small brown, the pearl of the olives!

Mix Olives

Mix of our olive selection

Selection of soft cheeses

Pecorino dolce, Sardegna, It.

Young sheeps cheese (past.), served with honey.

Mozzarella, Campania, It.

Buffalo milk (past.)

Burrata, Puglia, It.

Cow mik (past.)

Selection of (semi) aged cheeses*

Tallegio Quercino, Veneto, It.

Redflora cheese of cowmilk, served

with roasted walnuts.

Gorgonzola dolce , Piem, It.

Blue cheese from cowmilk with super

creamy texture, served with crema balsamico.

Selection of hard Cheeses *

Pecorino Sardo, Sardegna, It.

Sheeps cheese, (past.)

served with dried apricot.

Parmigiano D.O.P. Parma, It.

30 months aged cowmilk (past.),

served with honey

Selection of Salumi*

Sopressa, Veneto, It. 

Supertender salami with black pepper

and garlic

Salchichon Iberico de bellota.

Acorn fed Pata negra pork.

Selection of Hams *

Mortadella with truffle, E.R. It. 

Slow cooked minced pork, spiced with blacktruffle.

Selection of cured hams *

Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P., Emilia, It. 

Pork, dry cured for 24 months

Piatti amici / plates to share

Portion of bread 

Pain rustique & focaccia with choice of two

of our homemade dips

Trio Salumi 

Selection of three cold cuts served with

assaggi & bread


served with sjallot, redwine sushivinaigrette

Trio formaggi 

Selection of three seasonal cheeses, served

with assaggi & bread

Piatti misti/Mixed platter 

tasting of 3 salumi & 3 cheeses, served with

assaggi & bread

Grapes & Olives