products & kitchen

We constantly search for the best available seasonal products

from small artisan farms which work with passion & care in all details of their work.

We are part of the qualitalia trademark, this organisation protects the authenticity

of the Italian recipies and products abroad.

Once a week we get our products straight from their origins.

Our vegetables, salumi, cheeses, fresh pasta, bread, olive oil and more are of the highest quality available on the market today.


We offer a wide selection of wines with the emphasise on the area around the mediterranean sea, combined with some exciting treasures from around the world.

Our aperitif drinks are based on the classical Martini style cocktails.

We also offer a wide range of special beers, gins, rums and special digestive drinks.


Our Lunch menu is build up with a wide selection of focaccias,

Mediterranean & middle eastern salad preparations, pastas & fish preparations.


On our Deli/Salumeria menu you will find a wide selection of olives, cheeses, 

salami, cured & grilled hams.


On our Aperitivo menu you'll find a big selection of fingerfood & bites

to accompany your aperitif drink.


Our diner menu contains a wide range of starter sized dishes, such as;

pastas, vegetable dishes, fish, meat & pizza.

The menu changes very frequently, based the chefs daily found inspirations.


Grapes & Olives